Kudos offers a refurbishment service for all types of alloy wheels, dealing with corrosion, scratch marks, scuffs and cracks.
    Our refurbishment includes; tyre removal, shot blasting, priming, painting and lacquering, all of which leads to that straight from the factory finish.
    Diamond Cutting is a premium service that offers the finest finish for your Alloy Wheels. The precision cut applied to the rims removes only what is required. The process involves cleaning your alloys using specialist machinery which removes all dirt, tar, and grit. Once clean, the surface of the wheel is precision cut on our latest Tryax TY 3040 lathe to leave a high cut shiny finish. The wheel is then completed by coating it in a premium etch lacquer.
    Split rim alloy wheels can be a popular choice due to their distinctive look and multiple finish possibilities. Many repair companies do not offer split rim repairs due to the complexity of the work involved, but Kudos are experts in this field. We have all the expertise and technology to restore your split rim alloys to prestige condition.
    Using the latest colour matching technology, we can analyse your wheels to determine the paint mix required to achieve an exact colour match. Alternatively, you may already have the required colour code details to hand, in which case we can then match these to the relevant paint mix to achieve the desired result.
    Customers very often like the idea of personalising their wheels by choosing customised colours. The variations for this are enormous and Kudos are happy to quote and work closely with anyone wishing to produce their own bespoke requirements.
    Wheel balancing is the process of equalising the weight of your tyre and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly at high speed. When a wheel is unbalanced, any tiny deviation can easily become a large imbalance in centrifugal force, causing the wheel/tyre assembly to spin in a kind of ‘lumpy’ motion. This usually translates into a vibration in the car as well as some very irregular and damaging wear on your tyres. Kudos have invested in all the latest equipment to ensure your wheels leave our factory perfectly balanced and ready for installation.





Highly Specialised:
Over 36 years experience within the prestigious car bodyshop arena.


Outstanding Quality:
A combination of state of the art equipment and vastly experienced staff ensures your wheels will receive a premium finish that is the envy of the industry.


Customer Commitment:
Kudos understands the importance of customer driven service. This ethos evolved from our time working within the prestigious car market. Our commitment is to deal with your enquiry promptly, quote fairly and competitively and provide timescales that are achievable. This ensures you are completely satisfied, all the way from first contact to final delivery.


On-going Investment:
Kudos have invested heavily in all the latest state of the art equipment providing the very best in diamond cut technology, shot blasting, tyre removal and wheel balancing.